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Who Can Jetski? Does experience Matter? “NO!”


Best Things To Do While In Ocean City, MD

Have an urge to do something exciting now that you are in Ocean City? Do you want to see more of the water than what you can see from the beach? Do you want to cruise along the water at your own pace, or get some speed off the waves? Jet skiing is a great activity to take part in while in Ocean City, Maryland. Great news! You don’t need to have passed experience to man a jet ski.

Experience Needed for Jet Skiing

Action Watersports gets you ready; no matter your experience level. We have highly trained guides. A.W. gives instructions and lessons. We gas up your jet ski – no need to worry about that. Just go out and ride. (A.W. will fill it up when you get back.) We provide life jackets. We make sure you and your group are well prepared for a great time out on the water. All this is included in your rental fee.

Any Prep Needed?

The best way to prepare for your time riding the waves is to call ahead. Action recommends calling ahead to reserve your spot. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. We would need our release form filled out for each rider as well. It can be found here.

For Riders Under 18

We adhere to all laws and regulations for those under 18 or with children younger than please take note:

Maryland State law requires that all drivers of Personal Watercraft must be at least 16 years of age with Photo ID to prove your age and no requirements for passengers. Anyone under 18 will need to have a parent or legal guardian sign on the legal documents unless previously arranged using the downloadable forms (Person Signing must show Photo ID). A valid ID will need to be presented to verify age for ALL DRIVERS. All watercraft can hold up to 3 persons, but all have a weight maximum of 400 lbs. We try to limit our rentals to 2 persons at a time and allow for a switch back at the beach to accommodate families.