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Best Ocean City Jet Ski Rentals Offered in 2 Locations

Best Ocean City Jet Ski Rentals Offered in 2 Locations 2 Locations – Double the Fun! We love our customers, & we can’t stand not accommodating requests. Unfortunately, we do get booked up and we can’t offer a service due to capacity. On a positive note, we are so appreciative for your business, and happy…

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Cold Outside: Warm up with Hot Chocolate…with a twist

Hot Chocolate Sure Does Warm You UP! The temperature is cold outside and after some time in the brisk air, who doesn’t enjoy a warm cup of cocoa? Finding new ways to spice up the drink is always fun: mini marshmallows one giant marshmallow scoop of fluff toasted marshmallows cinnamon stick candy cane(probably our favorite)…

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Christmas Songs and the Memories They Spark

Memories from Christmas Songs and the Games For us, putting on some Christmas songs and watching our kids and family follow the traditions of cooking food and baking cookies floods us with nostalgia. We thought a great way to spread some cheer and spark the joy in our readers hearts would be to share a…

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Giving During the Holidays

Give to the Hungry During this Holiday Season Eastern Shore of Maryland: Place of Wonderment The shore is a wonderful place. Forever-memories are made here. Calendars are created to mark down the days until they are here again. So many stories can be told about the time spent on the beaches, boardwalks, stores, and restaurants….

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Christmas Making You Think of July?

We might not have a long white beard and belly that shakes when we laugh like a bowl full of jelly (if we ,do have that belly, we happy in our unaware bliss – so don’t make that face), but we are making lists and checking them twice. We go through our mental or actual…

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Who Can Jetski? Does experience Matter? “NO!”

Best Things To Do While In Ocean City, MD Have an urge to do something exciting now that you are in Ocean City? Do you want to see more of the water than what you can see from the beach? Do you want to cruise along the water at your own pace, or get some…

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Stargazing On The Eastern Shore On A Crisp Night

image from Best Practices for Star Gazing in Ocean City and Beyond Weather Make sure your night will be as cloudless as possible. The clearer the night, the better your experience. Use your favorite weather site to find out when to schedule your gaze. is a weather site used by many. The colder…

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S’mores: Making Great Outdoors GRR-Eat!!

Fires outside are perfect, but fires with s’mores are perfect times two! We have some recipes that will put your preconceived s’mores notions on its head. The best part of this article is trying them all! We hope that it encourages you to experiment with the candies and confections you already love just add a…

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