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Giving During the Holidays


Give to the Hungry During this Holiday Season

Eastern Shore of Maryland: Place of Wonderment

The shore is a wonderful place. Forever-memories are made here. Calendars are created to mark down the days until they are here again. So many stories can be told about the time spent on the beaches, boardwalks, stores, and restaurants. The first time you see a wild pony on Assateague stays with you, and you can’t wait to tell the story to a friend. The unhappiest part of the your time here on the Eastern Shore is when you need to leave it. Some love it so much they find ways to return again and again throughout the summer (a week vacation just isn’t enough). Others determined to breathe in the salt air daily, find ways to live here all year round. (The locals call them “come heres.”) It is hard to argue with the beauty of the Eastern Shore, and since in the summer it is so packed with people, it is difficult to believe that is ever not busy, but there is a time when the crowds die down and the seasonal places close. When things are less occupied it gives us time to reflect on how great life is, and how blessed we are.

Christmas Is A Time for Giving

For all the time when things are flourishing, there is a time when things are sparse. Winter can be strenuous for many on the shore, so if you have the means, please contribute to the Maryland Food Bank: Eastern Shore Branch. Please think of the days when the shore has brought you great joy, and you wanted to say, “Thank you for this day!” A way to pay it forward would be to give to the local food bank.

Eastern Shore Hunger Numbers

  • Nearly 42,000 individuals on the Eastern Shore are food-insecure.
  • Over a third of that food-insecure population are children — more than 13,000 kids.
  • The Maryland Food Bank – Eastern Shore Branch distributed more than 5.5 million meals in FY19, through 209 distribution points.
  • Still, hungry families on the Eastern Shore miss nearly 8 million meals each year.

Since its launch, the Maryland Food Bank – Eastern Shore Branch has grown its distribution significantly. In the last few years, the branch has expanded the Maryland Food Bank’s School Pantry Program, which distributes food to children and families in need throughout the school year to 30 pantries.

Schools Pantry Program

  • Many schools have their pantries open on specific days and times, usually during and after school hours
  • Some schools give away food at PTA meetings and other school events
  • Schools in select areas may supply weekend survival kits to children identified as especially at risk

After Christmas Time

Albeit, the temperature will warm and the hustle and bustle of the shore will come again, some will still need help. Don’t forget this great program the other three seasons of the year, and thank you for your contribution.

Ways to Donate

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