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Christmas Making You Think of July?

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We might not have a long white beard and belly that shakes when we laugh like a bowl full of jelly (if we ,do have that belly, we happy in our unaware bliss – so don’t make that face), but we are making lists and checking them twice. We go through our mental or actual notes of things our loved ones liked or mentioned, and inevitably we think about how we can put a smile on their face just as big as it was in the summer. Playing in the sand and waves under the warm sun brings the best laughter and contentment. Well you could send them to the southern hemisphere where it is summer right now, or you could give them a gift now that they use in the summer. The latter is more obtainable to most, Action Watersports is ready to help you complete your Christmas thinking of July gift set now!

Jet skiing is the best outdoor activity to do in the summer with definite memorable experiences. You will be sure to put smiles on your loved ones faces when they see what we can help you put “under” the tree. If you or your family members have never jet skiied, but you know this will be a great gift, no worries, Action Watersports  is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We have everything you need including life jackets, safety training and instructions given to you by one of our highly trained and qualified employees.

How can you gift your loved ones:

Gift cards

Buy as many hours as you want.Gift cards are sold by the hour and as summer approaches you can book your times to align with your vacation times. For Gift Cards click here

Jet ski purchase

probably won’t fit under the tree but will unquestionably bring a smile and that anticipation for your summer vacations! Find out more about our sales availability here.  (If buying a jet ski seems out of your budget, but still the ideal gift, Action Watersports also has consignment jet skis at different times of year. Contact us for a list of used or consigned crafts –  [email protected] )